Corporate Responsibilities

Quality Policy:

Dechert Dynamics Corporation’s commitment is to excellence in customized machining service. Customer satisfaction is achieved with no-hassle quality service, desired turnaround time, competent employees, and clear communication. Our desire is to build long-term relationships with all interested parties and provide outstanding value throughout daily business activities by:

  • Communicating this policy and objectives to all personnel.
  • Meeting all customer requirements along with continuous improvements throughout our quality management
  • Ensuring safety to all interested parties within our work environment.
  • Delivering leadership, resources, and training to support employee development and organization growth.
  • Our team will exceed expectations and maintain the integrity of the organization abiding by ethical standards and appropriate conduct.

Social Responsibility and Code of Ethics:

Dechert Dynamics Corporation will uphold the highest level of ethical standards. All legal codes, regulations, and laws are observed including fair labor and hiring regulations. All expectations and actions for ethical behavior are communicated to employees whom are responsible for their behavior. The employee handbook is used as a guide of reference for the ethical and moral behavior expected. Dechert Dynamics seeks to serve our customers and suppliers daily with dignity and respect.  Our integrity is measured on these principles and we look forward to sharing and living out our principals with our customers and suppliers for their benefit and to encourage an overall responsibility for the workplace, community, and world.

Our principles are upheld but not limited to:

  • Fair labor and hiring laws in all aspects are followed as covered by law. Included would be to work environment free of any kind of forced or bonded labor, workplace free of discrimination based on any race, color, age, gender, and all other legally protected personal status. Child and illegal labor are prohibited and all legal codes are followed.
  • All laws and legality codes regarding minimum wage, work hours, overtime pay, benefits, and workplace harassment. All labor is freely chosen, and employees are allowed to collectively bargain or associate free as covered by law.
  • Intellectual property rights and protection are secure, properly handled and kept private. Any improper use of information will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Dechert Dynamics promotes fair business, advertising and competition.
  • Dechert Dynamics is concerned about the environment and has taken steps to maintain workplace waste. All toxic waste is disposed of properly. A reduction of air pollutants and reduction of greenhouse gases are daily supervised and kept as much a minimum as possible.

Material machined at Decherts varies with each custom job. A more detailed listing can be provided on a customized per part basis. Safety data sheets may also be supplied.

Any question whether ethical, socially responsible, or other legality of circumstance is researched and referred to our attorney (Smigel, Anderson and Sacks), CPA (Ken Seibert), and the Board of Directors to fully take advantage of the expertise resources at our disposal. Our customers, suppliers, and employees are the priority and best interest of the company.